For students

Come to Struer for a sound-related placement

Are you considering coming to Struer for an internship placement, working with a company case, writing a project thesis etc., relating to sound? Feel free to reach out to hear more about the options in Struer.

Get connected with other students and interns in Struer

While they reside in Struer for internships and other study-related placements, we would like to offer all higher education students the opportunity to meet and network with fellow students.

The student network is open for Danish and International students alikeEveryone is welcome to join usregardless of your field of study and the duration of your stay in Struer.

Upcoming networking events will be announced here.

 The City of Sound event calendar

If you want to see what is happening in Struer, you can visit the City of Sound event calendar below.

New to Struer?

The City of Sound office has gathered a lot of useful information for newcomers from abroad.

You may also contact our relocation service at:

 Contact us

If you would like to hear more about upcoming events for students and interns, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Katrine Prassé Frausig, Managing Director
Telephone: +45 30 60 31 82


Trine Stegsted Mosegaard, Administrativ Assistant
Telephone: +45 93 63 71 40


LinkedIn: Feel free to join us in our (closed) LinkedIn community Struer Student Network.